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Main Floor

  • Bedroom 1 = King Bed

  • Bathroom 1 = Ensuite (jacuzzi tub plus shower)

  • Bedroom 2 = Queen Bed

  • Bathroom 2 = Guest bathroom (Tub/Shower)

Basement Floor

  • Bedroom 3 = Double Bed

  • Bathroom 3 = Guest bathroom (Tub/Shower)

  • Bedroom 4 = 2 x 2 single bunk bed (sleeps 4)

  • Space for 2 queen air mattress (available for rent)

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chaletsoasis deer58_23
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chaletsoasis deer58_18
chaletsoasis deer58_22
chaletsoasis deer58_19
chaletsoasis deer58_26
chaletsoasis deer58_27
chaletsoasis deer58_25
chaletsoasis deer58_24
chaletsoasis deer58_28
chaletsoasis deer58_12
chaletsoasis deer58_11
chaletsoasis deer58_10
chaletsoasis deer58_9
chaletsoasis deer58_8
chaletsoasis deer58_54
chaletsoasis deer58_55
chaletsoasis deer58_53
chaletsoasis deer58_15
chaletsoasis deer58_14
chaletsoasis deer58_16
chaletsoasis deer58_58
chaletsoasis deer58_57
chaletsoasis deer58_56
chaletsoasis deer58_13
chaletsoasis deer58_61
chaletsoasis deer58_69
chaletsoasis deer58_70
chaletsoasis deer58_67
chaletsoasis deer58_66
chaletsoasis deer58_71
chaletsoasis deer58_68
chaletsoasis deer58_62
chaletsoasis deer58_60
chaletsoasis deer58_41
chaletsoasis deer58_42
chaletsoasis deer58_72
chaletsoasis deer58_65
chaletsoasis deer58_64
chaletsoasis deer58_63
chaletsoasis deer58_59
chaletsoasis deer58_45
chaletsoasis deer58_51
chaletsoasis deer58_52
chaletsoasis deer58_47
chaletsoasis deer58_44
chaletsoasis deer58_43
chaletsoasis deer58_36
chaletsoasis deer58_34
chaletsoasis deer58_35
chaletsoasis deer58_33
chaletsoasis deer58_31
chaletsoasis deer58_32
chaletsoasis deer58_29
chaletsoasis deer58_30
chaletsoasis deer58_2
chaletsoasis deer58_3
chaletsoasis deer58_7
chaletsoasis deer58_4
chaletsoasis deer58_1
chaletsoasis deer58_6
chaletsoasis deer58_5
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